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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Tired of being controlled by cigarettes? Tried to quit on your own and just couldn't manage it? Perhaps you became too stressed, angry or anxious. Or, maybe you couldn't resist the temptation when around your friends who smoke!  Or, maybe you managed to stay off the cigarettes only to watch yourself gain weight! Then started again, just to keep it off.

Two Phase Approach

Persistent habits that you cannot break on your own generally have two parts. The first part is the habitual behaviour. This might be in the form of routines or associations. Routines, or rituals are when you always do something at a particular time of the day. Associations are when you connect the habit with something else you might be doing. For example, biting your nails while watching TV, or smoking while on the phone. Smoking and drinking is one association that is very common. Gambling and drinking is another common association.

Secondly, most habits have an emotional component. Hypnotherapy can work very well in eliminating the feelings of being drawn towards whatever your habit might be. In other words, hypnotherapy can eliminate the urge.

Hypnotherapy Deals with Unconscious Factors

The great thing about hypnosis is that it allows access to the unconscious part of the mind where the cause of the habit and urge can be located, leading to elimination of the urge and habitual behaviour. Ceasing any habit then becomes so much easier, (as clients often put it).

End Compulsive Eating or Smoking

Any compulsive habit, including eating and smoking, often has at the cause a negative emotion, like anxiety, depression, loneliness, boredom or even stress. In order to cope with these feelings, people will usually reach for something that distracts their mind. Some people say they even 'zone out' when engaging in their compulsive habit, including smoking and eating. This zoning out is a form of escape from the feelings. Hypnosis helps to deal directly with the negative feelings leading to a change in behaviour and mood, and an elimination of the habit. Read more about hypnosis and weight loss by clicking here.

Therapeutic Approach Means Lasting Changes

Hypnosis can do two things. Firstly, it can help you with any feelings that are driving you towards any kind of destructive habitual behaviour,
be it eating, smoking, drug taking or even nail biting. (There is no limit to what the habit could be). The second thing it can do is simply change the habitual behaviour. You then become free from your old habit.

Because habits usually have at least two components, we recommend that you expect to have at least two to three hypnosis sessions, a minimum of one for the breaking of the associations, and a minimum of one session to redirect the behaviour toward something more
satisfying. For example, when you feel bored, your response may be to find something fun or interesting to do or learn. This also applies to many
addictions including alcoholism, gambling, drug addiction, compulsive shopping, or sexual addictions.

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