Excess Weight Removal with Hypnotherapy - A Holistic Approach

Why is it that so many people fail with eating, diet and exercise?

The reason is that they are often unaware of how their underlying emotional responses are influencing their behaviour. These responses could be caused by past hurt, traumas, poor self-esteem and/or learnt behaviours, or old bad eating habits. If you were to stop for a minute and think about it, how much of your eating and choice of food is because you just feel like it out of habit, cravings, or you feel down, anxious, stressed, bored or even depressed?

What dieting programs do is give you a diet to follow, and possibly some exercise guidelines or routines which, takes a lot of conscious effort and will power. That's all very well if you have strong will power, but more often than not it just seems impossible to cut out the emotional eating, leading to failure in the long term.

The success of this program is in the way it makes you focus on all aspects of eating, exercise routine, lifestyle, mental well-being, habits and family training to ensure that nothing can sabotage your attempts to look and feel better.

In this program you will receive counselling, hypnosis and education that teaches you how to react to emotions appropriately. You will also learn how to reduce or even eliminate those cravings with tools that will help you long-term.

The problem with diets is that there are too much negative connotations associated with it. However, our programs provide great unconscious benefits for the removal of EXCESS. After all no one needs excess.

Hypnotherapy will help you by:

  • changing your thinking habits.
  • changing your eating and exercise habits.
  • clearing out old learnings and beliefs about yourself.
  • clearing out negative emotions.
  • improving your confidence and self-esteem.
  • providing you with tools to reduce/eliminate cravings.

You owe it to yourself to improve your life, don’t you?

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