Stop smoking with the help of hypnosis!

...Without gaining weight.

Thousands of people have succeeded in giving up smoking with hypnosis. Many of these people have tried the nicotine gum, lozengers and patches without success however, they did succeed with hypnotherapy. To make an appointment call Edward now on the number at the bottom of this page. Many of the people Edward treats for smoking cessation are referrals from previously satisfied clients who have become non-smokers using his highly successful program.

How does it work? The program is 2 sessions, which are 3 to 7 days apart. You can schedule both session when you call. Your first appointment is approx. 1.5 hours, where you will discuss with Edward the details of your smoking habit and be hypnotised for smoking cessation. Your second appointment is approximately 1 hour long.

Most people stop completely cease or reduce their smoking habit dramatically, after the first session. The next session is usually many times more effective and powerful than the first.

A small percentage of people may need more than 2 sessions. Edward has an extended program designed for these people. Everyone has the potential to quit smoking if they put their mind to it, are highly motivated and stick to the program.

People who quit smoking often find that they have extra time on their hands to enjoy their lives and spend more time doing things that are healthy for them. How to spend this time so that it benefits you is discussed in the first session, but by planning for it, there is no need to take up other unhealthy habits, like overeating.

You may choose to write a list of things you can do in the free time you will have and bring it along to the session.

You deserve to be healthier, don’t you!

If you want further information about hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation, or to make an appointment:

Phone: 0418 487 510


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