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Most people experience blushing at different times. Blushing occurs when the tiny capillaries widen in our skin, increasing blood flow causing an increased redness in the skin's surface. This might normally happen when we have been exerting ourselves exercising or we are stimulated in some other way, like in hot or cold weather.

However, the kind of blushing that normally concerns people is social blushing. This can occur in the following situations:

  • When taken by surprise.
  • When someone feels they have been 'caught out'.
  • When embarrassed.
  • clearing out negative emotions.
  • When made the focus of attention.
  • and more.

For some people, a fear of the blushing itself can also arise, and this can have an affect on confidence in social and even work situations.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnosis can help to stop blushing in a number of different ways. It can build your confidence, help you engage different emotions and therefore different reactions in those situations, and re-program you so that your automatic response in these situations is one of comfort. As a result you will feel more at ease and more relaxed and have a greater sense of control over your reactions.

Edward has helped many people overcome fears of blushing and understands the affect that this can have on your overall confidence.

Confident Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy.

Just the thought of having to make speeches in public or giving professional presentations can give you butterflies in your stomach and make your legs feel like jelly. Then when the time comes, these feelings can result in your mind becoming cluttered and confused and your voice racing and not conveying the confident assured tone you need to make a good impression.

Whether it's business presentations, speeches, speaking at a wedding, or giving academic presentations, Hypnotherapy can help by building up your confidence and make you feel calm and relaxed. Edward also goes into your unconscious mind to find the cause of the unconfident or nervous reactions to public speaking and neutralises it, so that you are no longer affected by it.

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